5 Series for K-5A

50 Series for K-25, K-250


The Kirk Cell must be vented to atmosphere but shielded from direct sunlight or rainfall. To protect the Kirk Cell, we provide the Kirk Galvanized Steel Enclosure, NEMA rated, with the following characteristics:

  • The Kirk Enclosures will protect a Kirk Cell from direct contact with sunlight or rainwater.
  • The galvanized or polyurethane/epoxy finish case will withstand spillage of the caustic electrolyte and/or oil seal.
  • Optional Painted Enclosures upon request
  • Dual enclosures available to provide for the installation of two same rated cells.
  • Lead wire entrance and exit on each side of enclosure is in line with the cell terminals.
  • Write for installation drawing before pouring pad.
  • Easy access to the interior is by removal of one or more sheet metal screws or padlocks, depending upon the enclosure. Insect proof vent and drain holes or fittings are provided with each enclosure.
  • Conduits hubs are provided for most models.

Note: The Kirk Cell is not an arc-making device and may be used where a combustible atmosphere could be present as long as the cell’s rating is not exceeded.



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