Kirk Cell Applications

The Kirk Cells have a successful operating history extending over more than 38 years, beginning in the southern United states.  Today, Kirk Cells are successfully operating worldwide on every continent except Antarctica.   There ain't no pipelines in Antarctica.

Some of the projects where the Kirk Cell has been successfully used over the years include:

Induced A.C. Mitigation - Pride Refining, Abilene, TX
86 mile 6" products pipeline under construction with 63 miles paralleling a 345 KV circuit.
Induced A.C. mitigation system design.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. - La Porte, TX
Approximately 20 miles of parallelism with 3 combustible gas pipelines and multiple power lines. J/N 1161

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. - La Porte, TX
6.4 miles of Aristech 10" triple pipelines and multiple power lines. J/N 1597

B.P. Production/Tri-State Generation/Electro Sciences, Inc. - Colorado/New Mexico border area
IAC survey/mitigation design on 8. miles of 20 inch CO2 pipeline. J/N 2339

Citrus Energy Services, Inc. - Maitland, FL (1997)
2-1/2 mile DeBary Power Plant Lateral and 115kV and 230kV circuits. J/N 1767

Petro Design & Engineering, LTD - Christchurch, New Zealand (2008)
Assessment of 11kV buried cable directly over a 4 inch fuel line. J/N 2520

Reliant Energy Entex - Keesler A.F.B., MS (2001)
6" natural gas pipeline and 69kV substation. 3 miles of parallelism J/N 2034

TXU Gas - Dallas TX (2004)
ANP Pipeline, induced AC and CP survey and subsequent mitigation. J/N 2276 & J/N 2292

TXU Pipeline Services - Venus, TX (1999)
Line X22 South paralleling dual 345kV TXUE circuits for 10 miles. Subsequent annual TAC surveys for TXU and for Atmos Energy. J/N 1934

TXU Pipeline Services - Tyler, TX (2000)
Line S2 Loop paralleling 138kV and dual 345kV TXUE circuits with 4.6 miles of parellelism. J/N 1976

Tecnologia Total S.A.C. - Lima, Peru (2009)
34 inch Peru Liquefied Natural Gas pipeline closely paralleling four 220 kV & 66 kV power lines, 40 kilometers of parallelism. Technology transfer assignment. J/N 2537

Wisconsin Fuel and Light Company - Marathon, WI (1992)
10.5 miles of 6" natural gas line paralleling 115/161 kV circuits. J/N 1405 & J/N 1526

Xcel Energy - Gran Junction, CO (2001)
7.6 miles 6" East Grand Junction reinforcement and up to 4 power lines with 7.6 miles of parallelism. Also pipeline cathodic protection and air blend facility grounding grid design. J/N 2064




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